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Who we are…and what we do.

Kooky Dough is the go-to brand for busy people who enjoy the fun of home baking without any of the hassle. These little treats are ideal for entertaining at home, kiddies play dates or impressing your colleagues in work.

Since launching in 2009, we have gone from strength to strength; you can now buy our products not just in Ireland but the UK also. Our dedicated team is constantly working on new ideas and treats you could try at home with maximum crumminess and minimum hassle. As a result, our range will expand over time to include new baking at home products that will bring even more fun and banter to the kitchen. Kooky dough currently comes in the form of four gourmet cookie dough products;

  • Chunky Chocolate Chip
  • Double Chocolate & White Chip
  • Triple Chocolate Chip
  • Oatmeal and Raisin

Made with natural ingredients, we are looking out for you and your loved ones. Simply slice and bake Kooky Dough to enjoy the smells and tastes you only get with fresh baking.

Our Products


The Classic cookie -

Classic cookie with real Irish butter!

  • 440 Kcal per 100g

  • No Added Nonsense

  • Ready in under 15 minutes

Kooky dough


Double Chocolate Chip -

For those that LOVE chocolate

  • Dark & White chocolate chunks

  • No added nonsense

  • 448Kcal per 100g

Kooky dough


Triple Chocolate Chip -

For those that REALLY love chocolate.

  • 440 Kcal per 100g

  • No added nonsense

  • Ready in under 15 minutes

Kooky dough


Oatmeal and Raisin -

Sugar free, guild free cookie!

  • Sugar free

  • 357 Kcal per 100g

  • Ready in under 15 minutes

Kooky dough

Our Team

Debbie Frim

Debbie Frim is the quality manager in charge of looking after the quality and safety of our products to ensure you always receive the best, since the best is exactly what you deserve!

Luke Mee

Luke Mee is our general manager. He takes care of our products from the moment the raw ingredients enter our facility to the moment the kooky dough is send on it's way towards you.

Michael Brogan

is our New Product Development manager. Any new product our customers long for, are designed and trialed by Michael and his dedicated team of bakers and food scientists.

Peter Brogan

is the face you will meet when looking to set up an account with us. He is our Sales Director working to get the best prices for the right people that can get the products as close to you as possible.

Some of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted!! And so easy. All you need is a knife, an oven and 10 minutes spare for chewy cookies to light up the whole house! #kookydoughlove


Couldn’t be easier! Buy, freeze and when ready to eat cut and bake straight from frozen! My kids LOVE them! (They are not the only ones ;) )


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