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We are a blog about cookies. If you are good at making cookies and know where to source the ingredients, then you can write for us. We want to make our blog full of interesting cookie recipes and you can help us with that.

You can send us recipes in writing or you can submit a video tutorial as well so that our readers can easily make cookies themselves. When writing recipes you should mention the ingredients, alternatives, proper measurements, temperature for baking and the step-by-step process.

You should mention where you can get the ingredients online and other stores as well. Before writing a recipe make sure that you have tried it yourself; otherwise, our readers will be disappointed.

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You also need to include pictures of your cookies and the steps you used in preparing it if possible.

Before submitting recipes, you should go through our site and see which recipes have already been included. Make sure that the recipes are not repeated. The recipes shouldn’t be too long and they should be understandable.

Besides recipes, you can send us articles on online cookie stores, types of cookies, benefits of eating cookies, and more. The articles shouldn’t be more than 800 words and you should check for plagiarism. Make sure to proofread the articles before submission.

You need to send us a sample of your writing first. If your writing style matches our standard then we will ask you to write for us. Our team of experienced writers will be reviewing your work and will give you feedback. You may need to edit your articles based on that. You will get all the support you need from us and we will help you become a better writer. We hope to hear from you soon.